Santos Labs

компания: Santos Labs
регион: Латинская Америка
страна: Бразилия
Бразилия Santos Labs

The Santos Lab develops and manufactures unmanned aircraft for customers in civil and military sectors. The company has an range of operational products, including aerial platforms than 12 hours duration, compact and portable platforms for launching and recovery in restricted locations, and aerial targets for missile tests.

The products supplied by Santos Lab, currently equip the first platoon of unmanned aerial vehicles in the brazilian armed forces: PelVANT in the Marine Corps in the Navy of Brazil.

In addition to the aircraft already developed and ready for delivery, the company can adapt its existing products to the specific needs of its customers or develop entirely new aircrafts for special applications.

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Carcara II

Carcara II
Регион:  Латинская Америка
Страна:  Бразилия
Категория:  БЛА
Компания:  Santos Labs